Falconry Planet Closed Carrier

Falconry Planet Closed Carrier


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Falconry Planet. Closed transporter made of high density polyethylene suitable for the weather, very resistant to changes in temperature, imperishable product, very easy to clean.
Black polyethylene, Astroturf turf of the highest quality, available in 6 colors.
Metal parts in stainless steel.
Rounded back for optimal care of the tail.
Indoor Innkeeper with Astroturf (less in the small measure that has green artificial turf).
Interior finish polished so that the tolleduras do not adhere.
Available in 4 sizes.

For eagles – 80 cm height, 50 cm width, 70 cm depth, 30 cm height to the innkeeper.
Large – 65 cm height, 40.5 cm width, 57 cm depth, 28 cm height to the innkeeper.
Medium – 55 cm height, 34 cm width, 47.5 cm depth, 20 cm height to the innkeeper.
Small – 35 cm height, 22 cm width, 31 cm depth, 15 cm height to the innkeeper.

Delivery time: 7-14 working days.
Special prices for orders over three units, get in touch with us.


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