Ayama Bullet Mini

Ayama Bullet Mini



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Autonomy: 6 Days
Scope: 20/40 Km in optimal conditions.
Weight: 7 g

Configuration possibilities
  • Mounting
  • Personal code
The BULLET transmitter stands out for its special aerodynamic design, to offer the least resistance to air. It combines a great autonomy, with a great performance thanks to the new technology High-Tech Autonomy. Waterproof.

– Magnetic switch, (specially designed to avoid stops by detecting external magnetic fields).
– Personal codes (transmitter emission personalization system). Optional
– It incorporates as standard the low battery detector.
– Weight of 7 g for cola.
– It can be used in birds from 300 grams of weight.
– Airtight, water resistant, thanks to the closure with O-ring on the lid.
– Attachment available with tail clip / harness.
– Autonomy: 6 days (2 batteries 392) with classic configuration. 3 days with (2 batteries 392) with personal code configuration.
– Transmitter suitable for owls and other raptors of medium size or young specimens of larger raptors.

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Weight 0.007 kg